Pippa Greenwood

"Pawprint is helping us prove our on-the-ground action and engage our employees on our wider sustainability agenda, as well as our corporate net zero targets."

Pippa Greenwood
UK Net Zero Programme Leader
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One of the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world, CGI is committed to responsible business and prioritising people and climate alongside profit. With Pawprint, it is empowering employees to make sustainable choices and capturing insights which will ultimately help the business drive action beyond its net zero ambitions. Future proofing in action!

What CGI has achieved with Pawprint in 5 months...

Since its rollout in January 2022, CGI has improved climate literacy across the business by enabling employees to measure and understand their own carbon impact. Employees are more engaged because they understand – and can track – the choices they’re making to help drive the world to a sustainable future. The organisation is now armed with insight into how many employees are engaged with sustainability (and how many aren’t); actionable data which will be useful when designing initiatives going forward.

'We chose Pawprint to...'

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    Give employees a baseline knowledge of the impact they have and how they can reduce it
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    Join up employee sustainability engagement campaigns
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    Deliver insight into employee travel and homeworking emissions
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    Prove our on-the-ground climate action

What's next?

CGI is looking forward to rolling out v2.0 of our ‘At work’ survey, as the data it captures around business travel and commuting emissions can be used to inform targets, policies and initiatives.

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