Turbocharge your corporate sustainability strategy

Become a future-proof business and attract top talent with Pawprint, an employee engagement tool for climate action.

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    Teams and leaderboards
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    Impact and sentiment data
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    Recognition and rewards
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Teams and leaderboards.

Accelerate your journey towards becoming a net zero business through a bit of planet-friendly, team-building competition. Carbon: cut, people: amped, office sustainability: through the (green) roof. Simple.

Impact and sentiment data.

Our Business Dashboard makes it easy to track performance and collect anonymised data on how employees feel about your sustainability strategy. Future engagement activities can then be underpinned by real-world evidence.

Recognition and rewards.

Foster a positive workplace culture and recognise your climate champions through features like Actions & Habits and Sprints. Engaged employees will be encouraged to drive corporate green initiatives and help you hit those all-important sustainability targets.