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Carbon footprint bicycle vs car: time for the UK to use its pins

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Three friends reducing their carbon footprint by cycling

Looking to swap your car ride for a cycle? Excellent idea: health benefits and money savings aside, switching to a low-carbon commute can make a massive difference to your personal emissions, and pushes for greener, safer, cleaner and more people-centred spaces.

Curious as to exactly how many emissions you'll be saving? Here's a handy calculator to help you crunch those carbon numbers.

Carbon footprint bicycle vs car calculator:

Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) is a term used to explain greenhouse gases in the context of carbon dioxide and its global warming potential.
  • Our CO2e/mile number accounts for the emissions that come out of your exhaust pipe, the emissions involved in getting fuel to your car, and the embodied carbon of making your car in the first place
  • The estimated embodied carbon of a bike is based on the assumption that the average bike costs £250 and is used for 7 years.

Cycle revolution:

As part of their push to get more people on their bikes, the UK government is offering cycle training, £50 bike repair vouchers, and increased access to e-bikes. Low traffic neighbourhoods and more bike lanes will also be created in an effort to encourage us to use our pins. To find out more about these initiatives, check out their recent press release: PM kickstarts £2bn cycling and walking revolution.

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