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New feature alert: search ahoy!

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You're here because you want to take action against climate change; but when the time came to log your efforts on the Pawprint app, it wasn't always the easiest to find what you were looking for.

We heard you: and so I’m thrilled to announce our brand new search experience, which makes finding and logging actions more simple—and more exciting—than ever. 

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Goodbye action tree, hello search bar

Using our new search bar, you can now browse for actions in our eco-library using keywords or phrases. All you have to do is type in 'plant-based', 'radiator' or 'garden', and you'll pull up a list of related actions to take.

Or maybe you're looking to be spurred on to new, greener heights? Our new categories function lets you filter actions by topic, like ‘Stay healthy’, ‘Save money’ and ‘Food & drink’, as well as ‘Highest impact’ and ‘Most popular’. This makes it easier for you to browse through our eco-library of 500+ actions, and find something which sparks your eco-inspiration.

But don't think we'll be resting on our laurels from here on out—we'll be updating our library constantly, so you'll never run short of actions to take on your sustainability journey.

(Psst... Want to join the Pawprint hive mind and suggest an action? Brilliant: send us your bright green thoughts over here.)

Shut up and show me a demo

Heard enough? Excellent. Let’s get you booked in for a demo. Just click the button below and fill in your details.

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Helping you take action—and rewarding you for it

We know that making sustainable changes to your daily routine can be a challenge. Heck, we work here, and we still scratch our heads over the ins-and-outs of a low-carbon lifestyle sometimes!

To make it easier for you to understand the hows and whys of a certain action, we've written better descriptions on our action cards. We've also integrated articles from our hugely popular blog, for when you're looking to deep-dive into a topic.

You might've also noticed the Eco Perks waiting for you in the 'Groups' page. Every month, you'll get to browse through a menu of special discounts and offers from sustainable retailers, from zero-waste beauty products to owning a slice of a wind farm. Because we think a good deed should never go unrewarded—don't you?

Making an impact at work

Pawprint is all about helping every business accelerate towards net zero—and yours needs your passion, energy and expertise to get them there!

We want our tool to make it as easy as possible to integrate climate into your job. So now, instead of splitting up personal and work actions from the get-go, you'll decide on the card where your impact landed

Every step you take, and every bit of eco-knowledge you gain, will help your employer hit their climate targets that much faster. So thanks, as ever, for doing your bit. None of this could happen without you.

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