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Saving 100 tonnes of CO2e: smell those roses!

A look at what 100 tonnes CO2e is, and how our users prevented it from entering the atmosphere.
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Illustrated polar bear squats with 100 tonne weights on shoulders

A few weeks ago, we hit a pretty big, emotional milestone: 100 tonnes of CO2e saved by Pawprint users. When I first started (the start-up employee’s equivalent of ‘back in my day’) that number seemed so far off in the distance, I wondered if we’d ever reach it. 

Then, last week, 100 tonnes slipped by almost unnoticed. Pawprint is moving full steam ahead, and the mountains of our past now roll by as mere molehills. 


Not to celebrate the wins would be a mistake, not least because that’s so un-Pawprint. We’re all about the small stuff, and we’ll take any excuse to have a little party (we’re a Scottish-based company, after all). 

So, in light of saving 100-bloody-tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere, I thought I’d whip up some happy words on what that means and how we did it. 

So, what is 100 tonnes of CO2e?

To emit 100 tonnes of CO2e you’d need to drive 180,000 miles in the average car, which is almost all the way to the moon!

It is 28 return flights to Hong Kong in Economy.

It’s half a fully-grown Blue Whale… Which half? I’ll let you decide.

How did we do it? 

The beauty of it is that ‘we’ really didn’t do much at all, besides build the platform (did I just hear Pawprint’s developers get out their pitchforks?). 

The credit here must go to those who have been using the Pawprint app; those who’ve been making and committing to small, carbon-reducing lifestyle changes in the name of doing their bit to fight climate change.

To the user who spoke up about an area of their workplace that could be improved, you smashed it! To whoever bled their radiator 3 days in a row, you ok hun? To the person who had a cold shower twice a week in Winter, Bjorn is sending you a big, slobbery kiss for being so (p)awesome. 

It took each and every one of you to reach this figure… Each and every one of you making small changes, for big effect. So, from all of us at Pawprint, thank you. 

What Pawprint users have to say about the app...

“The actions are easy to follow and when they become habits and you see the g/kg CO2e that you’ve reduced, it makes you feel you are doing your bit to help the climate emergency by making small changes!” ~ Catriona Paterson, Visit Scotland

“Being interested in Green issues and solutions has always felt a bit altruistic. But, having taken small measures around the house, driving, shopping etc, I find that every time I carry out carbon reducing tasks I save a little bit of money. It may sound selfish, but I think it's just as good a motivator as anything else.” ~ Lynn Eunson

“Working from home has been a huge change for us all but it's the small things that make the difference - only filling the kettle with enough water for 1 cup (every time), switching off the monitors when I'm having lunch and unplugging the equipment every night reduces my carbon footprint and also my costs.” ~ Jennifer Ritchie


Of course, 100 tonnes is just the tip of the iceberg and we have WAY bigger expectations on what we can achieve going forward. Now that we’ve taken our moment to enjoy this milestone, it’s onwards and upwards!

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