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Regenerative's the name of the game: who to spend pawpoints on this quarter

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As the daylight hours lengthen, thoughts turn to the new year and new beginnings. It’s therefore my pleasure to announce that we’ve arrived at the start of our first new giving quarter of 2022! 

A big thank you to our charity partners Sustrans, Apps for Good and The Restart Project, who made our winter quarter truly merry and bright. Read more about the incredible work they’re doing at our previous pawpoints post.

I’m now thrilled to welcome our three new charity partners, who you’ll get to spend your hard-earned pawpoints on from February to April. These are:

2050 Climate Group

2050 Climate Group is on a mission to empower young people to take climate action. A volunteer- and youth-led charity, they’re founded on the belief that young people are crucial to building a fairer, more sustainable future – and we couldn’t agree more. 

In an international survey conducted by the University of Bath, nearly 60% of people ages 16 to 25 were ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ worried about climate change. With eco-anxiety increasingly on the rise, especially amongst young people, the need to translate this anxiety into action has never been greater. 

Young activists have an incredible track record on pushing the needle on climate action, and 2050 Climate Group are committing to helping others also find their voice. Through their Young Leaders Development Programme, people ages 18 to 35 are trained in leadership skills and knowledge on climate change, so that they can affect real change across their spheres of influence. They also run workshops and events on policy issues, so that young people can get involved in systemic change now. With these guys in on the fight, net zero by 2050 is well within our sights.

The Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation

The Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation (HIEF) funds local projects that provide sustainable and regenerative solutions to environmental issues in the Highlands and islands. 

From restoring native oyster populations in Wester Ross to saving Scotland’s ancient rainforests, the HIEF helps protect and restore the region’s unique ecosystems by providing support to grassroots, community-led initiatives.

The Highlands and islands of Scotland are renowned for their natural beauty, but recent decades have seen an alarming plunge in the amount and variety of flora and fauna in this region. By protecting and restoring these unique ecosystems, they’re not only preserved for future generations to enjoy, but can play an important role in preserving the biodiversity upon which we all depend. 

Soil Heroes Foundation

Soil Heroes Foundation is a Dutch non-profit that supports European farmers in their transition to regenerative farming. By providing proof of practice and sharing knowledge and tools, Soil Heroes works with the agricultural sector to improve the health of our soils and play a part in the fight against climate change.

Healthy soils are not only important for food production, but they’re incredible at sequestering carbon and increasing our resilience against extreme weather events, like flooding or drought. Unfortunately, intensive farming practices and changing land usage over the past several decades has severely degraded soil health around the world. Here in the UK, our soils have lost 40 to 60% of their organic carbon, which severely degrades their health and productivity. 

By transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices, farmers can work with nature to produce food while also revitalising soil health – which is good for the planet, good for our plates, and good for us. 

Want to support these incredible eco-charities? When your workplace signs up to Pawprint, you and your colleagues can take on carbon-reducing actions and earn pawpoints to spend on these worthy causes. The number of pawpoints each charity gets at the end of the quarter determines how we split our monthly donation! 

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