Reducing carbon emissions for people, profit and planet

Engaging employees in carbon footprint reduction not only accelerates progress towards net zero, it also demonstrates commitment by making climate part of everyone’s job.

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    Recognition and rewards
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    Teams and leaderboards
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    Impact and sentiment data
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Recognition and rewards.

Our carbon footprint calculator helps employees understand their environmental impact. Features like Actions & Habits and Sprints then encourage them to adopt sustainable habits at home, work and beyond – all the while driving down your business’ scope 3 emissions.

Teams and leaderboards.

Build workplace camaraderie and encourage a bit of planet-friendly, team-building competition through our Teams and Leaderboards function. Reducing CO2e never been easier and (dare we say it) more fun.

Impact and sentiment data.

Our Business Dashboard makes it easy to track performance and collect anonymised data on how employees feel about your sustainability strategy. Future carbon reduction strategies can then be underpinned by real-world evidence.