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Be a ‘Business to Believe in’ with Pawprint

4 strong reasons to join the growing Pawprint client list
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As awareness and advocacy surrounding the climate emergency grows, it’s no longer enough for companies to make bold statements that fade into the abyss; stakeholders are demanding more transparency and integrity than ever. I’ve no doubt you could conjure up a few recent examples of companies caught with their trousers down to evidence this point. 

Thankfully, and more positively, the forward-thinking industry leaders of tomorrow aren’t attempting to side step or cut corners. Instead, they’re ensuring that their business stands for more than profit today.

Join industry leaders of the future

To me, ‘stands for more than profit’ means role-modelling the future you’re pushing for; walking the walk. 

One positive step on that journey, which businesses like Abrdn, Ooni and Peter Vardy have made, is to roll out Pawprint to employees. I know, I know. A shameless plug. But I genuinely believe that businesses aligning themselves with our eco agenda will be applauded in the not too distant future. Here’s why:

Willing to put in the work

As it stands, businesses that invest in Pawprint aren’t doing so because it’s the easy option. If they were, they’d sooner plant a few trees (spoiler: tree planting is complex and should be done more carefully than it generally is). 

Pawprint requires effort, from employer and employee alike. Behavioural change—which our app incentivises—is the less glamorous cousin of nature-based offsetting; yet it’s the solution that climate experts cite first when speaking about what we can do. Our customers understand this, and choose to work with us because they—and we—are genuinely committed to reducing carbon emissions. 

Step 1 in being a business to believe in? Check. 

Impact that extends beyond business boundaries

Pawprint teaches employees how to live low carbon at work, but also in their everyday lives. The latter, of course, will have no impact on a business’ carbon footprint, but at scale it could have a big impact on how quickly we bring emissions down to zero. 

Partnering with Pawprint therefore demonstrates authentic commitment to a sustainable future, and an understanding that businesses too have a responsibility to push for change in every aspect of society. I’d believe in a business with this level of solutions-focused involvement. Check.

Harnessing the eco-energy

Engaging employees on sustainability initiatives via Pawprint will accelerate progress towards climate targets—there are simply more people on the ground. Businesses that are on track to meet, or supersede, their science-based emissions targets are businesses to believe in, in our book. Check.

Catch a ride on our flywheel

The nature of our industry and product means Pawprint must role model the way to Net Zero; a journey which often leads to other positive cycles and outcomes. 

When customers join us on our journey, they’re pulled into the momentum of this flywheel we’re creating. For example, as 1% for the Planet members we are committed to donating at least 1% of annual revenue to charity. So, every new sign up means more money to charity. It’s ‘goodception’.

As businesses steer their ships towards Net Zero, the momentum of flywheels like this will accelerate our journey to a sustainable future. Together, we’ll build that business world that’s worth believing in. Check. 

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