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Read our latest carbon report
Read our latest carbon report

Empower employees to fight climate change at work, home and beyond.

Pawprint is an employee engagement tool which harnesses the energy employees already have to fight climate change and channels it towards their organisation’s climate targets.  

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Our science-based carbon footprint calculator gives employees a number to work from.


Employees learn how to live a low carbon lifestyle, and organizations learn how to nurture sustainability in the workplace.


Behavioural science combined with a fun and engaging approach create carbon-reducing habits that stick.

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Business benefits.

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    A sentiment analysis tool and carbon data,
    which will guide your sustainability strategy and give you a competitive advantage over organisations muddling their way through.
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    Turbocharged climate progress,
    thanks to the support from your employees.
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    Proof that your organisation cares,
    about the climate crisis as much as its people do.

Designed for team engagement.

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    Actions and Habits
    Users are celebrated for even the smallest planet-friendly action, and encouraged to turn them into habits to secure a sustained carbon saving.
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    Sprints and Challenges
    Based on our Advisor’s success with the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, we keep people engaged through time-based and goal-focused activities. 
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    Teams and Leaderboards
    Studies say collaborative teams perform up to 5X better. We unleash the clout of camaraderie to improve performance and snowball carbon reduction.
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Headshot of Professor Mike Berners-Lee

Data that’s validated by carbon expert, Prof. Mike Berners-Lee.

Calculating carbon footprints is inherently inaccurate—that’s the honest truth. However, within that inaccuracy there’s scientifically robust methodologies and frameworks which produce ‘good enough’ numbers. With data that’s validated by leading carbon expert Prof. Mike Berners-Lee (author of How Bad Are Bananas? and There’s No Planet B), we’re as robust as it gets. 

Be a pioneer.

We work with organisations that are a step ahead of the curve; leaders who understand that cutting carbon emissions comes before storing it.
Medium shot of Brewdog CEO, James Watt inside a brewery
"Pawprint will empower BrewDog's people to fight climate change at work, at home and beyond. Join me and the BrewDog team by becoming Pawprint Pioneers and let's fight climate change together."
James Watt
Founder, BrewDog
Photoraph of Ann Meoni from Standard Life Aberdeen
“I see Pawprint as a fantastic engagement tool for our people. They've told us that they're interested in climate change and this lets them know what their part in that is, gives them challenges to help them reduce their own carbon footprint."
Ann Meoni
Standard Life Aberdeen

For Organisations

Priced per employee.

Igniting employee-driven eco movements in organisations is how we roll. Rolling like that does require some additional features and functionality though, so we charge for Pawprint for Business. Bills to pay, yano?

For Individuals


Pawprint will only have an impact on global emissions if a hell of a lot of people get involved. So, our basic tool is free. Moreover, it’ll always strive to be accessible to everyone.

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