Employees are hungry for change.

“[When it comes to climate change, employees] want to feel that their employers are aligned with their values and actively taking action.” ~ Reuters Events, 2020

We’re a vital step in the journey.

“First, do everything you reasonably can to cut your emissions. Then you can do great stuff to remove carbon from the atmosphere.” ~ Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, FT 2020. 

It’s just good business.

“[Companies with] a clear plan to address the transition to net zero will distinguish themselves with their customers, policymakers, employees and shareholders by inspiring confidence that they can navigate this global transformation.” ~ Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs 2021

How to start using Pawprint

  • Your employees are given access to the Pawprint platform
  • Pawprint drives awareness of this to employees through tailored marketing material
  • Employees login and complete a short survey to find our their own personal carbon emission score (their Pawprint)
  • Employees receive personalised and company wide challenges to make small but meaningful changes to their daily routine
  • Ongoing tracking of individual and company wide challenges, and progress against carbon reduction goals, via Pawprint 
  • Your company will receive aggregated reports by department to understand your employees’ current attitudes & behaviours to climate change and how much they, and you, are improving
Bjorn the bear holding a black and white checked flag, checking his watch and about to blow a whistle to start the race

Engage your people

Use your best asset to drive sustainability initiatives.

See your impact

Transform ESG from a box-ticking exercise into measurable impact.


Protect the future of your organisation, and our planet.

Employee Benefits

  • Insight into what is and isn’t good for the planet, from a trusted source
  • Convenient carbon footprint tracking; the app does it for you
  • Encouragement and reminders to change bad habits
  • Rewards for even the smallest carbon-saving actions
  • Ability to contribute to workplace climate goals and climate strategy
  • Ability to (anonymously) share opinions on climate efforts

Organisation Benefits

  • The journey to climate targets is accelerated
  • You become a talent magnet (oo-er)
  • Employees become more engaged
  • You create/maintain a good reputation
  • Sustainability decisions can be based on employee-led data
  • You can benchmark against others in your industry
  • Employee footprints and carbon tracking are all in one place

Life is enough of a balancing act. We're here to help reduce your carbon footprint.

We know it’s not easy to find time to be more eco with everything going on in the world right now. We also know that many people care about the environment and want to do their bit but are not always sure where to start. Let us do the hard work.
Women balancing on a globe and trying to juggle lots of life stresses like walking the dog, self care, exercise, work laptop, social media on her phone, watering the plants, calendar events etc.
Bjorn the bear giving an office worker a gentle nudge to remind her to use with the Pawprint app to reduce her carbon footprint.

Sometimes all we need is a friendly nudge.

Sometimes we need that extra push to get motivated and change our daily routines into more sustainable ones.

Ready to take the next step?

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