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Why Pawprint?

Net zero cannot be achieved by leadership alone.

Pawprint engages your workforce with your climate targets, with additional boardroom value to boot! Read on to find out more.

Businesses who take action and are able to clearly demonstrate progress they are making on environmental and social issues benefit


will be more likely to work for you


of people are more likely to spend more money with you


will be more inclined to invest in you

Source: Oracle

We're a partner to net zero

We’re much more than a tool—we’re a partner on your journey to net zero. Every company’s sustainability story is unique; we’re here to support you in identifying which solutions will have the most impact. 

Looking to turbocharge your climate initiatives, but not quite sure where to start? Our hands-on Customer Success team is there to help, every step of the way.

We empower employees who are hungry for change

To get to net zero, a sea change must happen at all levels of a business—and your people want to be part of it. Pawprint enables them to contribute to your mission by aligning the entire workforce around your climate targets, triggering a green transformation from bottom-up and top-down.

From camaraderie-building Groups to competitive Sprints, our platform has a host of fun features that embed climate action into culture.

We help you—and your workforce—shout about climate action

Use the (anonymised) data that Pawprint collects to craft compelling stories about your employee-led eco-movement. We also provide opportunities for employees to shout about their climate action – there’s no better way for stakeholders to learn about your green initiatives! 

We can help prove your commitment to the net zero transition, and help you maintain a competitive edge in a marketplace that is rapidly making sustainability a priority. 

You can spot financial opportunities

Sustainability is the next frontier in growth. Pawprint can help you realise cost-savings or spot financial opportunities in the net zero transition. For example, one of our customers told us their employees began opting to fly in a lower class after learning about its impact from Pawprint – saving them thousands of pounds and kilograms of CO2e! 

Understanding your workforce is key to implementing sustainable solutions that actually work. Our Business Dashboard holds insights that can help guide the way. 

You can prepare for the future

Building a future proof business means preparing for a net zero tomorrow, today. By accelerating your transition to net zero and upskilling your workforce, our platform can help you stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

Scope 3 emissions usually make up the majority of an organisation’s carbon footprint. Our Business Survey captures data to help you measure and reduce these emissions. 

It's just good business

Doing the right thing at the right time means staying ahead of incoming climate regulation and upskilling your workforce for net zero. We help you identify challenges and opportunities in the transition, and empower your entire workforce to play their part.

Your employees get educated, engaged and enabled to take climate action; you get the data to identify which sustainable solutions will have the greatest impact. How’s that for a win-win?


In our most recent survey, our customers gave us a satisfaction rating of 8.6. When asked how likely they were to recommend Pawprint to another business, it was 9.6 out of 10


So far this year, Pawprint users have taken more than 50,000 climate actions, and saved X tonnes of carbon.


We’re currently working with 40+ customers, including the likes of Vodafone, innocent, CGI, BNP Paribas, Tesco Bank and Baillie Gifford—you’d be in good company!

Achieve your sustainability goals faster with Pawprint.

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