Pawprint’s impact

Pawprint exists to help people fight climate change at home, work and beyond, through sustained, environmentally-beneficial behavioural change. But what about our own impact? This page sets out what we’re doing, as a business, to help improve life for people now and in the future. 

Our service, commitments and partnerships help us contribute to the following UN SDGS:

Our commitments


Engage people

We cannot beat the climate crisis in a vacuum. We're committed to casting our net far and wide, to engage a movement big enough to make a difference.


Reduce GHG emissions

We are committed to doing our bit to bring emissions to zero by mid-century, and limit global warming (in line with scientific recommendation) to 1.5 degrees.


Be a business to believe in

Pawprint is part of the new generation of businesses that know it’s no longer an option to exist purely for profit; we commit to prioritising people and the planet alongside our finances.

1. Engage people


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"We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

– Howard Zinn

2. Reduce GHG emissions


tonnes CO2e

Saved by Pawprint users to date. That's equivalent to....


miles driven in the average car


flights to Hong Kong from London


people's yearly carbon footprint in the UK

We're committed to Real Net Zero by 2050

This might seem a little slow for a company like Pawprint, but after much thought and debate we decided that offsetting doesn’t align with our values. Until permanent solutions are more reliable and affordable, we’re focused on bringing our footprint down through reductions that are in line with science-based targets.

Read our carbon report

3. Be a business to believe in

A shift is occurring in the business world; leaders of tomorrow are using a new value system to measure success. Profit and growth must be achieved without harming people or the planet. Pawprint is dedicated to being part of this movement, and encourages others to join us. Below we’ve outlined some of the ways we’re pushing ourselves beyond planet-focused progress.



The amount we've donated to our eco-charity partners through Pawpoints.

Our charity partners

Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we are committed to donating a minimum of 1% of gross sales annually to these environmental causes.

Apps for Good

Apps for Good provides free technology courses to students. They aim to make the tech sector more inclusive, and are currently piloting a climate-focused programme.

Learn more


By making it easier for people to walk and cycle, Sustrans is helping to build a world where the way we travel creates healthier and happier lives for everyone.

Learn more

The Restart Project

The greenest gadget is the one you already have. This charity teaches people how to repair broken devices, and campaigns for systematic change. So long e-waste!

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