Christian Arno, CEO and founder.

Driven by a desire to tackle the world's biggest challenge, Pawprint was Christian’s idea.  An experienced business leader and entrepreneur, Christian has been running his own business for nearly 20 years.  Lingo24 was founded in 2001 and Christian built it into the thriving, 200-people strong business it is today.

What a team.

We’re a group of passionate individuals, hell-bent on giving people the power to do their bit for the planet. 
Ross MacNay
Chief Operating Officer
Alexandria Wilson
People & Operations Officer
Callum Stanton
Demand Generation Manager
Jamie Brown
Sales Development Representative
Emily Hillier
Head of Customer Success
Matt Jones
Customer Success Manager
Rebecca Clow
Senior Product Manager
Jenn Ulloa
Sustainability Content Manager
Jeanette Bromage
Head of Technology
Gavin Cummings
Principal Backend Engineer
Mevlit Yengin
Backend Engineer
Carrie Boardman
Senior UI Engineer
Felipe Santos
Frontend/UX Engineer

Fancy joining the team?

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Our Trusty Advisors.

Tom Sermon
Board Advisor
Mike Berners-Lee
Scientific Advisor
Melanie Gray
PR Advisor
Julia Sunderland
Board Advisor
Fran van Dijk
Sustainability Advisor