This is Christian

This is Bjorn

This is the team

Together we lead Pawprint towards its mission: to empower people to fight climate change at home, work and beyond.

We’re an odd bunch; a group of environmental misfits. Our aim is to bring a bit of fun to a very serious issue, remove judgement and encourage everyone to join us as we fight for a better, safer, healthier and fairer future for all.


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"I started Pawprint after a lecture from my dad (The Pawdre). He made me see that climate change needs to be taken seriously; that it is already affecting people around the world, and that it will have some very serious repercussions on me and my family if something isn’t done about it."

– Christian, CEO

May 2019

Bjorn is born

Christian wakes up to find a small Bjorn on his doorstep. Together they decide to do something about climate change. Bjorn wants his home back… So does Christian.
June 2019

That fateful sandwich

Mike Berners-Lee tries to enjoy a sandwich at an event; Christian swoops. Mike walks out with a new LinkedIn connection and Pawprint nabs an expert advisor. Seems fair.  
November 2019

The team assembles

Ex-WoodMac and Skyscanner execs, Mark and Douglas, agree to help Bjorn, Christian, Chris and Ross kickstart Pawprint. That day, the team decides it’s OK with name dropping. 
January 2020

Thank Gav for Gav!

Resident genius, Gavin, joins the ranks and the build of our beta product begins. Around this time, the team starts thinking about the project’s bus factor. This is not a coincidence.
May 2020

People believe in us

Pawprint closes its first crowdfunding round; we overfund by 300% and attract over 1000 investors. Our eco-movement grows legs.
September 2020

We break a world record

A beta product is launched to the public. Pawprint’s first Head of Tech, Chris, says more swear words in one day than anyone, ever. Again, not a coincidence. 

October 2020

Businesses believe in us

Out of a Bjorn-huddle comes an idea: Pawprint… but for businesses. Christian gets Brewdog on board to help us develop the offering. Abrdn and Peter Vardy join soon after.
April 2021

It's all 'app-ening

We go live on the iOS and Android Stores. Our writers are delighted that we can finally, legitimately call ourselves an app. ‘A PWA to measure your carbon footprint’ sucked. 
June 2021

Days like this

We launch the business app, hit 10K registrations and see sunshine in Scotland. We also get a scathing review because of a draught-related typo. Mr. Drafty keeps us grounded. 
November 2021

B is for... Bjorn?

Pawprint certifies as a B Corp! The team celebrates, Bjorn thinks we’ve named it after them… We let them have it.
January 2022

World domination... no biggie

30K employees have access to Pawprint for Business. The team gears up for world domination (read: globalising the product).

We're a B Corp!

And we’re proud of it, mainly because it means we walk alongside 4000+ other awesome businesses that believe in being a force for good. We also like lording it over our competition. Suckers.
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