So what's the story?

‘It was the lecture from my dad that clinched it.’ 

Known amongst Pawprinters as “The Pawdre”, Per is arguably an even bigger force to be reckoned with than his son. It was his stern reminder—that climate change would have some pretty serious repercussions on Christian and his kids if something wasn’t done about it—that pushed our Founder to set up Pawprint. 

That, and a gnawing to build ‘a business to believe in’; a future that Christian wanted not just to be a part of, but to lead.

After growing and selling an internationally successful translation business, Lingo24, his first port of call was to build an all-star team to help him bring his idea to life.

A year or so later, and with oil, flights and a carbon-expensive holiday addiction in our team’s history, we’re not exactly what you’d expect from a company hell-bent on empowering people to fight climate change. But being a group of environmental misfits is actually our secret weapon. It means we cannot be judgemental, and enables us to understand a broad range of mindsets when it comes to the climate crisis. It means that when we say we’ve built something for everyone, we really mean it. 

So what’s our story? We’re still in the midst of writing it. So far, we’ve completed two successful crowdfunding rounds, formed a close working relationship with carbon expert, Mike Berners-Lee, built a carbon footprint calculator, got ourselves on the App Stores, released a handful of new features, and attracted some big-name business customers—including Brewdog, Peterson and Standard Life Aberdeen—to help us develop our employee-engagement tool.

As for mistakes? We’ve made a shed load, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Pawprint is all about imperfection; about incremental progress; ‘two steps forward, one step back’ kinda stuff. As long as you’re moving, changing, learning and growing, we don’t care if your steps are small, big or massive.

We’re simply excited to walk with you on the journey.  


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