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Recruitment Savings

Our customers tell us that successfully bringing in and retaining talent is becoming increasingly dependent on sustainability credentials. Pawprint is considered to make an organisation more attractive to individuals looking for employment, and recruitment costs will be eliminated for individuals who are attracted to the organisation as a result of its sustainability focus.

Productivity Gains

An organisation using Pawprint is likely to contribute to the 68% of individuals who stay with an employer longer as a result of being upskilled. Customers regularly cite us as an important education tool in their organisation, and underestimated by leaders as an important tool in upskilling individuals. 


Our customers tell us that sustainability is now regularly a key point area for the “social value” portion of tenders, particularly when working with the public sector.Social value is regularly worth 20% of the score of a bid, with sustainability employee engagement and/or Scope 3 reporting counting towards 15% of that score. Given the strength of Pawprint in these areas, we expect it to account for the entire 15% of this area and further improves chances of winning tenders.

Travel Savings

Most organisations we talk to see travel as one of their most challenging areas to address in sustainability. Travel costs a lot of carbon, depending on how individuals travel, yet the cost savings are also significant if businesses change their behaviour. Our customers have used Pawprint to drive a permanent reduction in business travel, particularly with flights.

Innovation and leadership

Through empowerment and engagement of employees, organisations have 27% higher profits than other comparable organisations over a 6 year period. On top of this, organisations who are more sustainable consistently outperform organisations who are less sustainable. Our customers tell us that they would not be able to move as quickly or as effectively in innovating on sustainability without Pawprint.

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This white paper sets out how Pawprint is building environmental as well as financial and strategic sustainability into businesses’ DNA. From climate literacy to higher profits; from maximised engagement to lower talent attrition; from internal visibility to climate leadership and the financial returns that come with it.

We delve into...

  • Why sustainability needs to be done right
  • Measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint
  • The ROI of sustainability including talent, cost savings and revenue opportunities
  • Building employees into agents of change
  • Conclusions and high-level, actionable takeaways
Sustainability pays whitepaper
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