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Carbon footprint quiz for kids (3 - 7 years)

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We asked Pawprint’s Head of Content, Mark, what it was like having the kids at home during lockdown... Unfortunately, we can’t repeat his answer.

Jokes aside, it’s tough out there for Mums and Dads at the moment. Pawprint has heard the cry for help; the cacophony of head-scratching, face palming and even silent sobs, and we’re here to help.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Earth Cubs to bring you our Carbon Footprint Quiz for Kids. Besides keeping them occupied, this quiz will introduce your 3 to 7-year-old (s) to climate change in a fun and engaging way.

Why teach your kids about climate change?

Teaching your kids about climate change, and how to live sustainably, is probably one of the most impactful things you can do to help the planet. According to our scientific advisor, Mike Berners-Lee:

  • A baby born in 2020, into a family with a UK-typical carbon footprint, who grows up respecting climate science will have a carbon footprint of around 210 tonnes CO2e over their lifetime. The same as driving to the moon 1.5 times in the average car.
  • A baby who grows up to be both wealthy and carbon careless? 5000+ tonnes CO2e over their lifetime. The same as driving to the moon 38 times in the average car.

Your kids will learn:

  • What the term ‘carbon footprint’ means
  • What carbon dioxide is
  • Where carbon comes from
  • Some easy ways to help our planet
  • And more!
We're just in the process of moving our website over (isn't this one FABULOUS?). We'll soon have a form you can fill in to download this quiz. In the meantime, reach out to and she'll send it over.

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