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5 (good) reasons leaders should consider Pawprint for Business

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Early visual of Pawprint for Business’ dashboard.

Pawprint helps businesses cultivate a robust, employee-led eco-movement that charges them towards their climate targets. We’re not a carbon offsetting tool; we’re better than that. We help employees (and thus businesses) not emit carbon in the first place.

Call me biased, but Pawprint for Business is an essential tool to future-proof any large company. Of course, I’m not expecting you to just take my word for it. Read my points below and then let’s chat.

1. The climate crisis is serious business

Of course, first and foremost, businesses have a responsibility to get themselves and their people behind the fight against climate change. But that’s not the only reason to take note of environmentalism; for those of you reading who need to sell into the C-suite, it’s also about the future of your company.

Being a green business is imperative as of, well, yesterday. Customers won’t buy, investors won’t invest and talent won’t stay unless you have a clear and communicated sustainability strategy and are making visible strides to achieve your targets. In other words, your company’s environmental focus is synonymous with its financial gain.

Pawprint for Business shows customers, investors and employees that you take your responsibility seriously and that you understand the most powerful way to help; by making inroads to not emit carbon in the first place.

If anyone would like to learn more about why this is important, and why offsetting on its own is dangerous, check out our article, ‘Carbon offsetting; the good, the bad, and the better.’

2. Show employees you care

Known as the purpose-driven generation, Deloitte’s 2020 Global Millennial survey showed that COVID-19 has only heightened the millennial desire to have a positive impact and leave a long-lasting legacy. As Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, it's worth it for employers to sit up and listen. To use Larry Fink’s words, ‘profits and purpose are inextricably linked’.

Experts predict that, as people become more disillusioned with politics, they will turn to their jobs to echo their ideologies instead. Candidates searching for their perfect job will explore the morals and ethics of a company before they decide to join. How a company communicates their standpoint on key issues, such as the environment, therefore will determine how they attract and retain top talent. Implementing a purpose-driven tool like Pawprint’s does just this. By aligning values and engaging employees with a mutual sense of responsibility, Pawprint can help to shape your company into an appealing, and subsequently successful, workplace of tomorrow.

3. Unleash the clout of camaraderie

Teamwork and workplace morale should never be underestimated. Studies have shown that collaborative working makes companies 5 times more high-performing, with better employee engagement levels, lower fatigue and higher success rates.

But how do you encourage cooperative working? Pawprint for Business has an answer for that too. Simon Sinek’s book, Leaders eat last, outlines that building trust, a universal culture and human-centric relationships, rather than pushing financially-driven goals, leads to healthy office ecosystems and productive coworking.

Pawprint promotes green culture and fosters togetherness through the common goal of reducing your carbon footprint. Through fun environmental challenges, Pawprint’s tool incentivises individuals or teams to connect and play against each other, boosting workplace relationships, office morale and creating healthy competition all while driving a company towards its climate targets.

4. Give the power to people

People want to feel autonomy, especially when it comes to their own lifestyle and behavioural changes. Telling someone they have to do X, Y and Z to fight this intangible thing called climate change isn’t likely to work. Giving them the tools, and some helpful tips to get them going, will put them in the driving seat and make them more willing to rev their EV all the way to the horizon.

As I cited in a previous post, a recent McKinsey report identified the importance of using ‘behavioural science and digital technology to put employees in charge of their own journeys’. At Pawprint, we understand everyone is on a different part of the low-carbon path. By using a combination of technology, behavioural science and carbon data, Pawprint for Business helps employees to measure, understand and reduce their carbon footprint at work, how and when they want to.

We empower employees to do it themselves, teach them how to sustainably fish if you will, and build a green culture from the inside out. This means employees take charge of office behaviours, putting the power back in their hands, to ensure happier workers and long-lasting sustainability results.

5. Make your CSR grounded in fact

Pawprint for Business provides data and insights around carbon reduction and employee sentiment. This means your CSR is no longer a murky box-ticking exercise, it can instead be based on measurable, science-based targets which will make a real difference.

As Paul Lewis, CEO of Carbon Credentials, says, ‘targets should be science-based to give an organisation a well-defined pathway to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the level of decarbonisation required to keep the global temperature increase to 2°C or below.’ His company’s Carbon Commitment Report shone light on the fact that a lack of transparency and engagement in organisations means 74% of employees have no idea what their company’s carbon reduction targets are, and 57% say they don’t or don’t always trust UK organisations to deliver on their sustainability claims.

Pawprint for Business both engages employees and clearly communicates progress towards measurable goals. To implement a successful ESG strategy, in line with government plans to create a fair and green economy, such visible and fact-focussed application is the only way forward.

To learn more about how Pawprint for Business works, click the big, pink button below. We’re currently welcoming large businesses that want to engage their employees on sustainability to join us. Sign up to our carbon-busting product and let us help you ensure the future of your people, your profit and our planet.

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