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5 (good) reasons to consider Pawprint if you're a business leader

Pawprint embeds green thinking into the heart of a business to nurture an employee-led eco-movement.
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Pawprint is an employee engagement tool for climate action. It embeds green thinking into the heart of a business to nurture an employee-led eco-movement. It also promotes employee wellbeing, uncovers areas where money is being spent unnecessarily and demonstrates commitment to net zero.

Call me biased, but Pawprint is an essential future-proofing tool for any company. I’m not expecting you to take my word for it, of course. Read on to discover more about how Pawprint delivers 360 degree board value

Better acquisition and retention of staff 

Employees are increasingly searching for employment which aligns with their morals. In fact, Deloitte’s 2020 Global Millennial survey dubbed upcoming talent ‘the purpose-driven generation’; a generation which is set to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025

In a survey Pawprint commissioned last year, we found that ​​59% of employees felt it was important or very important that their employer had a strategy to tackle climate change. After a historic number of resignations in 2021, it’s more important than ever for businesses looking to attract and retain talent to demonstrate that they are willing to do the work when it comes to the climate crisis. 

There are many ways to do this, for example by setting science-based targets aligned to 1.5°C. To bring employees along on the journey, demonstrate commitment and involve the voices of their diverse workforce, companies like CGI, Vodafone, and Skyscanner are using Pawprint. 

Overall employee engagement and wellbeing

The most engaged teams see a 41% reduction in absenteeism, a 17% increase in productivity and 59% less turnover – these people want to show up to work. By connecting with the workforce on an issue they care about (the climate crisis – see above), you’re encouraging people to bring more of themselves – their interests and passions – to work. You’re engaging them! 

Another benefit of Pawprint lies in its potential to alleviate eco-anxietya condition which is on the rise, particularly in younger generations. In an opinion piece written for the British Medical Journal in late 2021, it was suggested that ‘[t]he best chance of increasing optimism and hope in the eco-anxious young and old is to ensure they have access to the best and most reliable information on climate mitigation. Especially important is information on how they could […] contribute to greener choices at an individual level'.

Pawprint uses a non-judgemental tone to share reliable climate information here on the Eco Blog, and teaches users the small but impactful ways they can do their bit to help. We can help to soothe eco anxiety.

Lastly, while individuals are learning how to reduce their impact on the planet, they’re also learning new ways to save money. For example, by bleeding your radiator, you make your home more efficient to warm. This saves energy; that’s carbon emissions and money! As the cost of living rises, Pawprint can help answer the question, ‘what’s in it for me?’ when it comes to climate action.

Measurable financial savings

Pawprint tracks employees’ commute and business travel emissions. By doing so, it also inadvertently maps areas where financial savings could be made.

For example, if in-person meetings that require flights are happening regularly, travel emissions will be high. This data can be used to spark a conversation around an organisation’s travel policy—is it time to start encouraging more virtual meet ups? Doing so would reduce Scope 3 emissions and save money; a win-win all around!

Brand building through credible CSR efforts

There is no brand negativity that comes from being able to say: ‘We are fully engaging our employees on our sustainability agenda, and empowering them with information to limit their own impact as much as is reasonably possible.’ 

Our partners have found that Pawprint can bolster sales pitches too. When selling to companies that have an ESG agenda (which is becoming more common by the day), a tool like Pawprint is a strong indicator that you’re taking environmental targets seriously. 

Leaving a legacy to be proud of 

Good leaders join a business with the aim to leave it better than they found it. Great leaders realise that this extends wider than simply adding commercial value. To ensure your organisation is thriving in the future we’re all fighting for, you need to get it firmly on the right side of history today. 

To round off this article, I’ll leave you with a recent Tweet by organisational psychologist Adam Grant:

'Too many people spend their lives being dutiful descendants instead of good ancestors. The responsibility of each generation is not to please their predecessors. It's to improve things for their offspring. It's more important to make your children proud than your parents proud

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