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New feature alert: Actions & Habits has dropped!

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Carbon-reducing Actions and Habits screen displayed on a smartphone

Reducing your carbon footprint just got easier.

A few months ago, we introduced sustainable challenges to help you reduce your Pawprint. We learnt that while the community liked the challenges (‘A Bleedin Good Idea’ in particular) they were not very interactive and lacked personalisation.

Today we are happy to announce that Actions & Habits is now available on your Pawprint app. ⭐

Smartphone with Pawprint's Actions & Habits dashboard on screen
Actions & Habits, as you’ll see it on the app.

With Actions & Habits, you are in charge. ‘Le driver’, if you will. You can pick and record any positive actions you take and see the impact that has on your Pawprint. Simple. 💪

Once you have repeated an Action a certain number of times, you’ll unlock a habit that gains you sustained carbon reduction; kinda like moving up a level in Pacman/Pokemon (we tried to span all generations there… Careful, you’ll show your age).

The team has spent many long hours putting together the list of Actions and developing the feature. We hope this new way of doing things will encompass more of your good deeds, and further inspire/prompt you to allow green thinking to permeate all aspects of your daily life.

How does it work?

Smartphone with Pawprint's carbon-reducing actions dashboard on screen

You go to pour your pasta water down the drain but catch yourself. ‘Hey, I could reuse this’, you think. You collect the water in a bowl, let it cool, and use it to water that houseplant that’s been looking a bit peaky for weeks. Nice one.

Except... You don’t receive any credit for doing it; no housemate/partner/kid around to cheer you on. Not even a thanks from the bloody houseplant! It’s a bit disappointing, right?

Well, good news. Pawprint’s Actions & Habits will reward you for these good deeds, no matter how small. By repeating this Action (houseplants need regular water, just FYI) you unlock a Habit that brings with it a sustained carbon saving and a pocket full of Pawpoints for you to spend.

Good for you, good for the planet. Love a win-win.

"We change bit by bit, day by day, habit by habit... Small habits can make a meaningful difference by providing evidence of a new identity." James Clear - Atomic Habits

Are challenges gone?

We decided to introduce Actions & Habits after listening to your feedback. You told us that challenges were too restrictive, sometimes too difficult, sometimes too easy. With Actions you get much more freedom and variety. You can build Habits or perform individual actions, it is up to you, you are in charge of your journey.

However, challenges are not gone for good. We will be re-introducing them later this month,  building them into our group feature to allow each group to take on their own challenges.

These will be a great way to make group carbon reduction fun/competitive… Or fun & competitive, if you’ve a touch of Monica about you.

We don’t judge.

The Pawprint Team

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