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New feature alert: Teams and Leaderboards are here!

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You guys have been asking after this one for a while now, and today we’re thrilled to finally reveal the first version of our brand new Teams and Leaderboards feature!

Here’s how it works: employees work together in teams to shrink their collective pawprint, and can race against other teams for top spot on the carbon-reduction leaderboard. By encouraging a bit of healthy, planet-saving competition, this new feature will help stir up some fun around carbon reduction and turbocharge climate action in your workplace.

Ask, and ye shall receive -- Pawprint's long-awaited Teams and Leaderboards are here


First up, you’ve got to join a team. A group admin (probably the office environmental champion -- put your hands up!) will invite you into a group, where you can choose which team you want to be part of. It's time to contact your lunch buddy/work spouse, stat. Don’t worry if you’ve accidentally joined the wrong team: it’s easy to switch, but you can only go to bat for one team at a time, so be sure to commit once you’ve found your people.

Then, it’s time to get to work -- for the planet, that is. Pack your plant-based lunches, dust off those bikes and get to bleeding the radiators. Don’t forget to high-five Susan from Accounting when she switches off the lights in the conference room -- everyone loves a bit of encouragement. 

As you and your team track those actions and build up your eco-habits, your carbon savings will be recorded and added to the team total. 

"We've been working hard behind the scenes, creating a new feature to encourage you to keep up your carbon-busting actions and habits. Enter teams and leaderboards! You can now take on your work group peers and vie for that top spot whilst doing your bit to reduce your Pawprint."
— Alice Gunn, Senior UI/UX Designer


The leaderboard table will reflect the total amount of CO2e that each team has saved. These totals will be updated daily, but we’ll get faster at crunching those numbers as time goes on.

The top savers -- the crème de la crème, if you will -- will see themselves rise to the top of the table. The three teams with the highest carbon savings will be highlighted at the top of the leaderboard, basking in their eternal glory. Doesn’t that sound tempting? 

For this initial version, the Teams feature will be available exclusively to Pawprint for Business clients. But individual leaderboards are on the horizon! So stay tuned, and keep us posted on how you’re finding these new functions. Also be sure to let us know what you’d like to see next from Pawprint HQ. We’re listening… Oo, ominous.  

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