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What are Pawpoints? (And who are our NEW charity partners)

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If you’re an avid Pawprint user then you’ll have noticed the recent return of ‘Pawpoints’. This is our digital currency which users are awarded each time they log a positive action in the app. With the mechanism properly back up and running, I’m on a mission to get people spending all of their points. Why? It helps us portion up our monthly donation, and man have we got some cool, new charities on our list this quarter. 

Before launching into who they are and what they do, I’ll briefly cover how Pawpoints works:

  • You log a positive action in the Pawprint app, and are awarded Pawpoints. The harder the action, the more pawpoints you’ll earn.
  • Once the points are in your wallet, you’re free to spend them whenever and however you like. Just navigate to the profile tab, open your pawpoints wallet, choose the charity you’d like to donate to, and spend that dolla. 

So far in 2021, based on how users have voted, Pawprint has donated £6,000 in total; 22% to Sustrans, 37% to WWF and 41% to Trees for Cities—a big thank you to those guys. This isn’t goodbye, just ciao for now!

To keep things interesting, and ‘spread the good’, this next giving quarter we’re bringing in 3 different charities:

Who are they, and what do they do?


Out of Loch Craignish in Scotland comes an organisation that’s fighting to restore native oysters and seagrass meadows.

If these degraded marine habitats and species weren't on your eco radar, you’re not alone. But this nature-based alternative to tree planting is actually incredibly powerful; seagrass meadows, mangroves and coastal wetlands can capture carbon faster than tropical forests. (Source: Project Seagrass)

Damage caused by activities like scallop dredging and aquaculture mean these inshore marine habitats need some serious TLC. We’re excited to support Seawilding as it works to enhance biodiversity, improve water quality and sequester carbon. Right on Pawprint’s home shores, too!

Bright Green Future

To quote our Founder, Christian, ‘We need our brightest minds behind climate action if we’re going to beat it’. That’s exactly why we’ve selected Bright Green Future as our second charity to partner with this quarter. They run an inclusive and accessible environmental leadership programme for young people aged 16-19. 

The programme recruits Black, brown and other minority ethnic background youths with the aim of tackling the systemic underrepresentation of these groups in environmental careers. 191 young people have participated in the programme to date.

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Without light, children can’t study, doctors can’t practice and homes are less safe. Through its social enterprise, SunnyMoney, SolarAid is working with entrepreneurs, schools and clinics to distribute solar lights to people living without electricity in Zambia and Malawi. 

Solar lights are clean, safe and affordable. According to SolarAid’s impact calculator, every £10 we donate will save 2.1 tonnes of CO2, give children 2,011 hours of extra study time, and allow 5 people to live healthier lives.

So far, the organisation has reached 11M people in sub-Saharan Africa with clean light. We can’t wait to help them reach even more.

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