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Introducing the ICRS: The UK’s first professional body for corporate responsibility and sustainability

The Institute of Corporate Responsibility is the UK’s professional body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.
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Corporate social responsibility

Pawprint sits at a very unique junction when it comes to sustainability and corporate action. 

We look to inspire, educate, and empower employees within organisations so that they can help facilitate change, becoming a huge component in how the organisation meets its sustainability commitments. 

It is a hefty (but pawe-some) undertaking, and luckily we have a great support network, industry expertise, and a wealth of resources to help us help our customers.

One organisation helping individuals and businesses along the path of corporate sustainability is the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (or the ICRS for short). 

The ICRS actually became the UK's first professional body dedicated to corporate social responsibility, and have expressed their aim in breaking down barriers to entry when it comes to sustainability issues.

This blog explores the key components that define the ICRS - from its leadership and membership to its history and commitment to professional development and beyond.

Learn more about the ICRS, here

About the ICRS

The ICRS is more than just your regular organisation,  it's a community of dedicated individuals and companies united by a common goal — to excel in the realms of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Founded on the principles of sustainability, responsibility, and inclusivity, the ICRS is committed to driving positive change in both corporate and societal realms.

Their HQ is based in London, but their membership cohort spans all over the UK.

Leadership in the ICRS

The ICRS is led by a distinguished Board of volunteer Directors, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. 

From ESG Directors to Managing Directors and Heads of Diversity and Inclusion, the board members are committed to guiding the institute's strategic direction and supporting its mission to advance CRS excellence.

The ICRS is also supported by a Secretariat who is provided to the institute via a management consultancy specialising in ESG and sustainability.

What does ICRS mean for Pawprint?

At the core of the ICRS lies the emphasis on connection — connecting professionals, organisations, and ideas to CSR.  

The institute serves as a central point of contact for its members and Fellows, facilitating meaningful connections that transcend traditional business boundaries. 

They also allow best practice to be shared amongst business leaders who are grappling with some of the most pressing humanitarian issues we are seeing in today's world.

Furthermore, the core competencies and values of the ICRS are very much aligned with what we believe at Pawprint.

The organisation's guiding principles are: championing ethical behaviour, pursue positive social impact, pursue positive environmental impact, and promote the development of sustainable products and services.

It is a great organisation to join to network, learn from, and engage with like minded individuals from across a myriad of corporate fields that you may not always have an opportunity to engage with. 

Learn more about our wider positive impact and sustainability initiatives at Pawprint. 

Final thoughts 

As we navigate a world where responsible business practices are more critical than ever, the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability stands as a guiding force for individual business professionals and larger professional bodies throughout the UK.

With a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and continuous improvement, the ICRS empowers its members to be brilliant at corporate social responsibility, which is a pretty neat task!

Through its leadership, membership, and dedication to skill development, the ICRS is not just an institute; it's a catalyst for positive change in the corporate world and beyond.

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