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Our experts will help map your organisation, set your goals, prioritise impactful actions and create a comms strategy to turbocharge your sustainability strategy.

Activate employees anywhere, anytime

Enable employees to take goal-aligned actions whilst increasing carbon literacy. Ignite competition with teams, leaderboards and Sprint challenges. Reward action with perks and charitable giving.

Report impact internally and beyond

Track live carbon reduction of employee actions, collect GHG Protocol aligned Scope 3 data, measure goal progress and benchmark your results. Target low hanging carbon and cost reductions to accelerate progress.

Results delivered for organisations

“If we weren’t part of Pawprint we wouldn’t have made the progress we’ve made to date”

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Join our pioneering partners

We work with organisations that are a step ahead of the curve; leaders who understand that cutting carbon emissions comes before storing it.

How our Scope 3 Survey helped Coventry engage a workforce of 3,000 and reduce carbon emissions

As part of their B Corp commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Coventry Building Society recognised the opportunity and the need to better understand and support their large workforce while cutting down on carbon emissions. We ran our Scope 3 Survey with them, and what transpired was truly inspirational...

Empowering Coventry Building Society to save 1,500 tonnes of carbon in a year

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How we helped a customer engage 63% of their workforce in sustainability issues

Pawprint was brought on board to help this customer galvanise climate action across their employee base.

Engaging over 60% of employees in climate action

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How we helped one customer save 115 tonnes of CO2e in less than a year.

Pawprint was chosen to help members be sustainable at home and at work. Together, this carbon busting machine has saved more CO2e than any other Pawprint group.

Empowering employees to save 100 tonnes of carbon

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