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Designed for employee engagement. 

Carbon footprint calculators for home and work.

Ever been on one of those awful orienteering excursions where you have to make your way to B, without any idea where A was? Our calculators unveil the ‘A’, instantly making carbon footprint reduction and sustainability initiatives more engaging and even, dare we say it, fun.

Recognition and rewards (about time).

Ever done a good deed and thought, ‘Man, I should get credit for that’? We’ve all been there. Our Actions & Habits feature delivers the dopamine hit that comes from ticking ‘done’, plus Pawpoints to make the good deed feel even ‘gooder’... 

Teams and leaderboards.

There’s two types of people in this world; those who like working as a team, and those who thrive on competition. Let’s see… Captain America vs Iron Man, Ross vs Monica, Snow vs Cersei. They’re not perfect, but they certainly get stuff done. And so will you, with Teams and Leaderboards. Carbon cut, people amped. Simple. 

Group challenges and seasonal sprints.

Unlock the power of collective effort with these features, which funnel everyone towards one goal. This builds teamwork, evokes a sense of camaraderie and ends with a fat carbon saving that you can be proud of (read: post ALL OVER your socials).

Amplified impact with Pawpoints.

When we were building Pawprint, someone said “Why stop at carbon reduction?” and that was darn near the smartest thing we’d ever heard. Pawpoints are earned for logging Actions & Habits, which can then be spent voting for the eco charities we donate to each month. 

Impact and sentiment data.

Collect anonymised data on employees’ carbon reduction efforts, and their attitude towards workplace sustainability. We will also deliver company-wide and departmental improvement reports. Don’t say we don’t treat you good. 

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