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Pawprint features

Built to unlock sustainable thinking at every level of your business.

Unify your workforce

Pull together towards a common purpose with the Pawprint Work Group

Build a sense of planet-positive camaraderie across the business and experience the power of collective action.

Empower your employees

Harness the power of individuals and cultivate the climate champions of tomorrow with the Pawprint employee app


Eco Perks provides discounts on genuinely sustainable products and services that empower employees to make planet-positive purchase decisions.


The Pawprint Eco Blog is our knowledge hub for those hungry to know more. Employees can deep-dive into eco topics to learn why it’s good to take action.

Carbon footprint

Employees can measure their carbon footprint and track the impact of their climate actions, building climate literacy across the workforce.

Curated climate

There are hundreds of inspirational actions in the Pawprint app. In the first half of 2022, Pawprint users took 50,000+ actions for the climate!

Goal setting

Research shows that goal setting and measuring progress consistently leads businesses to achieve sustainability goals faster than those that don't. Setting goals with Pawprint also helps our Customer Success team understand how our platform can best help you along your sustainability journey.

Accelerate real progress

Monitor, manage, measure and take action all in one place with the Pawprint Business Dashboard

Drive progress towards your business sustainability goals with Pawprint's engagement, insights and management platform.

Future-proof your business

Measure your Scope 3 employee emissions with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol-aligned Business Survey

Stay ahead of climate regulation and spot cost reduction opportunities by reporting on your employees' collective commuting, travel and home working activities.

Level-up engagement

Generate some healthy competition with Pawprint Teams & Leaderboards

Set up teams based on office locations, departments, hair length – whatever works for you! Top spot on the leaderboard is reserved for those most dedicated to taking climate action.

Launch relevant and timely challenges for your Group with Pawprint Sprints

Energise your workforce and double (or even triple!) employee engagement with focused challenges that you can align to your wider sustainability goals or internal initiatives.

Empower employees to support climate causes they really care about with Pawpoints

Every month, Pawprint donates either £1,000 or 1% of our profits—whichever is higher—to three amazing charities fighting climate change. Employees can vote for their cause of choice using their Pawpoints, which they earn every time they log an action.

Get expert support

We’re not a flash in the pan; we’re in this thing together

Our dedicated sup-paw-t team is here to ensure a successful roll-out, maintain and build engagement and accelerate you towards your climate goals.

Achieve your sustainability goals faster with Pawprint.

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