How we helped one customer save 115 tonnes of CO2e in less than a year.

Pawprint was chosen to help members be sustainable at home and at work. Together, this carbon busting machine has saved more CO2e than any other Pawprint group.


actions logged


miles in a Range Rover, in avoided emissions


kWh of energy saved

The business needed:

  • A way to level up climate literacy across the workforce
  • To get active in helping employees understand and reduce their personal impact
  • To gain insight into travel and home working emissions
  • A way to prove its commitment to climate action

Together we achieved:

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    Substantial carbon savings, equivalent to 91,000 miles in a Range Rover Sport or 35,780 cheeseburgers.
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    On average, employees have reduced their carbon footprints by 21%.
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    They’ve gained climate knowledge by trying 354 different actions and reading 23 articles exploring various topics.
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“Pawprint is helping us prove our on-the-ground action and engage our employees on our wider sustainability agenda, as well as our corporate net-zero targets.”

– Net Zero Leader

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