Blick Rothenberg’s journey to become a B Corp, one sustainability sprint at a time

Blick Rothenberg are a leading tax, accounting, and business firm based in the UK. Prior to implementing Pawprint, Blick Rothenberg aimed to embark on their journey toward becoming a B Corp while crafting a strong ESG strategy tailored for their workforce. They recognised the vital importance of sustainability as a core aspect of their business and deemed it to be business critical.

The story...

Blick Rothenberg was at the beginning of their sustainability journey when they came to Pawprint.

Rob and Jim, along with other executives, felt that employees really cared about doing the right thing, and that this sentiment was increasing.

They also understood that becoming a B Corp was an integral sustainability milestone the business needed to achieve to continue operating.

The company identified the need to engage their 1,000 employees and obtain better documentation of their sustainability strategy.

The challenge...

What they discovered was they had no clear way of showing progress in sustainability, more specifically in carbon emissions. 

Their challenges became: 

1. Establishing a well-defined sustainability agenda

2. Identifying strategies to reduce their environmental footprint, and

3. Engage their sizeable workforce throughout the process

They were up for the challenge!

"I want our employees to come to work and say, as an organisation, we're trying to do the right things..and that's why I want to work here."

Rob, Partner

The solution...

We ran a greener working from home sprint with Blick Rothenberg for 6 weeks.

From the sprint, employees were able to save 376 kg CO2e which is the equivalent of 1 meter squared of ice surface.

Employees found that integrating sustainability into Blick Rothenberg’s agenda became more manageable, thanks to the practical day-to-day actions put in practice during the sprint.

"With sustainability, there are things you just don't know. Pawprint helped us uncover and discover new ways of doing things, which prompted us to change."

Jim, Partner

What the sprint uncovered...

The total amount of CO2e saved since joining Pawprint has equaled to traveling the world’s circumference five times.

Through their engagement strategy, 32% of Blick Rothenberg’s cohort was onboarded - that’s above the Pawprint average!

Highlighted an opportunity to tackle company equipment emissions, showing a saving of approximately 50 kg of emissions per working day. 

Pawprint stood out to us. Our team now have a range of ideas they can draw inspiration from, and there is some healthy competition as well."

Rob, Partner

Blick Rothenberg wanted to...


Embed a culture of sustainability within the organisation through employee engagement.

Help employees make a difference in a practical way.

Embed a culture of sustainability within the organisation through employee engagement. 

The impact...

Blick Rothenberg developed  a “B Corp mindset,” and are thinking about sustainability holistically.

Blick Rothenberg are the cream of the crop when it comes to employee engagement.

Our sprint insights helped improve IT equipment policies to better support employees and reduce emissions.

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